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Architecture, urbanism and real estate assets.

G63 ARINUR. Specialists in urban planning and architecture

What can we do?

Our services:

- Consultancy:
* Normative reports.
* Qualified reports.
* Viability reports.
* Market studies.
* Due Diligence (land-building).
* Construction works monitoring.
* Licences.
* Estate identification.
* Buildings construction legalisation.
* Assets valuation.

- Urban planning:
* General plans
* Subsidiary norms
* Partial plans
* Special plans
* Detailed studies
* Urban planning projects
* Land partition projects
* Compensation projects

- Architecture and Building

- Demolitions:
* Demolition projects
* Construction works direction

- Building construction:
* Previous studies
* Pre-projects (Layout).
* Basic projects
* Execution projects
* Activity projects
* Construction works direction
* Cost Estimate

- Developments management:
With the whole estate development management, we aim to give the properties from any estate asset a global solution that will allow to get the best asset efficiency, giving the property a global covering.
The steps to follow are:
* Previous analyse of the asset.
* Best value proposal, with the estimation of the inversion about to be done and its efficience once it’s developped.
* Definition of every work to be done.
* Necessary technical projects’ writing or writing control.
* Processing of the necessary licenses.
* Offers request for the construction works needed for the planned development, comparative study and awarding proposal.
* Construction works and costs control.
* When finished works, processing of the needed licenses for the activity or occupation.
* Tracking and processing of the necessary inscriptions.

- Delegate promotion.


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